DHS Alumni Happenings

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Dayton High School currently has no organized alumni association.The Boosters Club is as close as it gets. And this small group is doing some really really really great things.Of the 30 or so members that are active 20+ are older alumni.So much can be done with a lot of people doing just a little.Recently we raised $2500 to put up a Wall of Service to Honor our VFW Classmates. It will be dedicated Nov 11 on veterans day.This was the result of many small donations and a few larger ones.This type of activity can help us support the Rising Stars of Dayton as we Engage – Inspire – and Grow these young Americans.This message is going out to almost 100 people.If each of them would send in $10 a year we could raise a $1000 for an Alumni Scholarship.But if each of them contacted 4 alumni not on this list we would have 500 and if each sent in $10 we could raise $5000 a year.Like the TV commercials just place $00.25 a week 3 1/2 cents a day in a jar and in a year, you raise $12 for the fund.Please lets consider doing this for the betterment of Dayton High School Students. Send your $10 check to Dayton High School200 Green Devil Way Dayton, Ky 41074Send me an email [email protected] so I can register you as a part of the effort. Or you can send me a message from my web site for Alumni affairs at http://oedin.net/index.php/dhs-alumni-happenings/I would like to expand this effort to an On Line DHS Alumni Association.No meetings everything is done on the internet through an Alumni Association Web Page.Membership in the Association is $10 a year in addition to the scholarship fund.When a need at Dayton arises I send out an email looking for support of specific needs.Funds that come to school go directly into the clubs or activity fund.We use the Membership dues to support as well.If a need arises I contact the group have a 7 day window to vote via email, approving/denying disbursement of the funds.Help me out folks let’s refine this idea and start something great for Dayton.

  • Mark the Date plan to attend Dayton High School.
  • For the Veterans Assembly Ceremony.
  • Dedication of the Wall of Service Honoring over 475 D.H.S. Students.
  • FYI the Veterans will be displayed according to the Theater of Operations they served in. Names are displayed in color designating their branch of service.
  • Red US Marine Corps
  • Orange US Coast Guard
  • Dark Blues Navy or Merchant Marines
  • Light Blue US Air Force
  • Black US Army
  • Those that paid the ultimate sacrifice are displayed with Gold Plates.

I hope to reach a lot of Alumni from Dayton from this page. We have no organized Alumni Association at this time but there is a lot of Alumni activity happening and I want everyone to know. I hope the word gets out to look here and get the ball rolling.

I am asking all Alumni to get involved in the Alumni Scholarship Fund by donation $10/$20 to the fund. If we have 500 Alumni donate $10 we can award $5000 each spring for scholarships. If that 500 Alumni gave $20 then we could have $10,000 in awards. I am not asking for MEGA Bucks but many small donations will make a big difference in many lives. Send you donation to DAYTON HIGH SCHOOL 200 GREEN DEVIL WAY DAYTON, KY 41074 MARK THE MEMO LINE ALUMNI SCHOLARSHIP FUND. 100%of all donations will go to the students. If you like as a class to raise $1000 or more we will designate the scholarship as being from the class. Or if you want to honor someone with a large sum $500 or more it will be in their name…………. Below is a list of activities the Boosters Club is involved in if you want to make a donation to support a certain activity at DHS send in a check To the Boosters Club and mark the memo line with the designation I promise it will go to the designated area. Many small donations make a BIG DIFFERENCE

If you make a donation please contact me and let me know so I follow up with school. If you would like to be added to my e-mail list of alumni for updates use this form to let me know. Click this link for the contact form, and thank you. http://oedin.net/index.php/alumni-contact-form/

  • Happening at DHS.
  • Things for you to get involved with simply by making a small donation.
  • Drug Free Club
  • Future Business Leaders of America
  • Cheer leaders
  • Band
  • Sports Track, Football, E-Sports, Volleyball, Cross Country, Basketball, Soccer,
  • Scholarship Fund
  • Drama Club
  • Honor Roll Awards
  • Home Coming Dance
  • Chess Club
  • Academic Awards. Lap Top awarded at each grade at School Year End If students Meet standards of Academics and Discipline.
  • And many More