Hand Made Knives

Full Tang Blade Hidden Tag Blade

Several People have asked me to make them a Knife. Since there are so many variations of material and cost I am offering the following options if you would like a knife made.
Select a knife Blade. below are options, Stainless Steel is good but requires more attention than Damascus which is harder and holds an edge much better. Damascus steel is made from a 2000 year old process and requires much time to make.
Hidden Tang Blades
Stainless Steel Hunter Brass Guard $14.99
Stainless Steel Hunter Stainless Guard $14.99

Damascus Steel Hunter $48.00

Damascus Spear Point $50

Full Tang Knives Hunter with Brass Guard $17.99

Hunter Stainless Guard $17.99

Damascus Hunter/Skinner $60

Damascus Blade

Remember these are suggestions to show Blade options,

any blades of your choice are welcome.
Select appropriate antler piece to make handle
Again if you have an antler of your own or different supplier that is fine just get the material to me.
Average- 5″ to 6″ long. May or May not have a cut off brow tine. Diameters will fit comfortably in your hand. (Approx 1″ in the center) For Large Hunting type knives. $9.99 each-
For Full Tang Blades***
Jumbo- 1 1/4″ diameter or more- 5 to 8 inches long. May or may not have a cut off brow tine. $12.99 Each

Full Tang Blade

hidden Tang Blade

  1. Select knife case to fit blade length
up to 5 inch blade
up to 7 inch blade
    Make sure the antler is large enough for the knife tang and wide enough if you select a full tang blade. see above ***
  2. Have all items sent to my address
Buddy Dittus
3210 Feeley Rd.
Burlington Ky. 41005
    Send me an email notifying me of their coming. [email protected]
    If you select hidden tang knife send a check for $40 to my address.
If you select a full tang knife send a check for $50 to my address. Much more time to shape and attach.
    Larger blades over 5 inches require more antler shaping and leather for case. Add $15 to cost of construction.