Naomi Dew Melia Class of 1955

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Inducted Class of 2018

Inducted into the Wall of Distinction 2018

Naomi Dew was a “Pioneer” in bring the joy of sports to the girls of Northern Kentucky. During her youth growing up with two athletic brothers she enjoyed competing with them. In High School she had no outlet for her talents past cheer leading, so as a teacher she set out to make sure her students had opportunities to enjoy sports. Along with fellow teacher Pat Watts they developed the G.A.A. Girls Athletic Association at her Alma-mater Dayton High School. This lead into girls sports in Northern Kentucky and equality for girls in sports.
Naomi was a Graduate of Union College in 1960 and Taught in Dayton, Ky Bellevue, Ky Newport, Ky and Dayton Ohio, where she continued to inspire young girls.