Wall of Service Listings

Here is the complete list of names for the Wall of Service. Where they served in combat and branch of the military they served in.

To add a name or correct an error use the form below, form must include Full Name, Area where they served in Combat Zone, Branch of Service, year they attended Dayton Schools. Only Combat Veterans are eligible, and they must have attended Dayton Schools not necessarily graduated.

Wall of Service Application or Change request

Names with a Star by their name were Killed in Action and will have Gold Name Plates on the Wall of Service. Army will have Black Plates with yellow and Gold names, Air Force will appear in Light Blue, Navy will have Dark Blue Name Plates as well as Merchant Marines, Marines Name Plates will be in Red, While the Coast Guard will have Orange Name Plates.

Donald Ackerson Korea Army
Charles Ackerson WW I Army
Ellsworth Ackerson WW I Army
Melvin A Ackerson WW II Army
*Frank Adamson Vietnam Marines
*Edward Ahrens WW II Army
George Ahrens WW II Navy
James Ahrens WW II Navy
Walter  Aldering WW I Army
Clifford Alerding WW I Army
Lyle G Alverson WW II Air Force
*Carl D Anderson WW II Army
Stanley Anderson WW II Army
Gerald D Armitage Vietnam Navy
John W Aseere  Korea Army
Harold Ashford WW II Army
Elmis Atkins WW I Army
Walter  Atkins WW II Navy
Bernard J Austing WW I Army
Howard Austwick Korea Navy
David Bacon Middle East Army
Jeff Bacon Middle East Army
Walter S Baglin  WW I Army
Andy Bailey Vietnam Army
Ralph  Bailey Jr Vietnam Marines
Roger Baker Vietnam Army
Frank Barlow WW I Army
Joseph Barlow WW I Army
Harvey R Barrett WW II Air Force
Joseph A Bartlett WW II Army
William E Bartsch WW I Navy
Robert L Bary WW II Army
Len Bauer Vietnam Army
*Frederick E Bauerler Vietnam Army
Raymond C Baumann WW II Navy
Harry Baumer WW I Army
Arthur P Beagle WW I Navy
William Beatty WW II Army
William F Becht WW I Army
Arthur  Becker WW I Army
Lester Becker WW I Army
Robert C Becker WW II Army
James H Bennett WW II Army
Lawrence E Bennett WW II Navy
Marcus E Bennett WW II Army
William E Bennett WW II Army
Otto Bergmeyer WW I Army
Albert Bethge WW I Army
Walter S Bethge WW I Army
Elmore F Betz WW I Army
Richard L Betz WW I Army
Stephen Bickel WW I Army
Richard H Biedenbender WW I Marines
Nelson Bird WW I Army
Gilbert L Birkley WW I Army
Leroy Birkley WW I Army
Joseph Birkley WW II Army
Phillip N Blackerby WW I Army
Clifford Boers WW I Army
Edward W Boers WW I Navy
William M Boers WW I Army
William Bolmer Korea Army
Harry S Bolser WW II Marines
Ervin C Bosse  WW I Army
Howard F Bosse  WW I Army
Frank J Bowinkle WW I Army
Allen Brackett WW II Army
*Charlie Bradford Vietnam Army
Fred C Braun WW I Army
Paul W Brewer Vietnam Army
John A Broadwold WW I Army
Daniel L Brock Middle East Marines
Harry B Brockherde WW I Army
Joseph Brodwolf WW I Army
Edward Brokamp WW I Army
Ernie Brooks Vietnam Army
Harry  Brooks  WW II Army
Charles Brown Korea Army
Joel Brown  WW I Army
Elmer Brown  WW II Army
Raymond Brueggen WW II Navy
Willian H Bruegger WW I Army
Ray Brunson WW I Army
Allen Buckamneer Korea Army
Raymond W Buckman WW I Army
Charles Burchfield Korea Army
*Eddie C Burlew WW II Navy
William  Burns Vietnam Army
John Buschard Korea Marines
William S Buschard Vietnam Marines
William O Bushard Korea Marines
Donald C. Campbell Korea Marines
Albert Campbell WW I Marines
Edward Campbell WW II Marines
Robert V Campbell WW II Marines
William  Campbell WW II Marines
Ron Campbell  Vietnam Marines
Chester Campbell  WW II Marines
Harold Campbell  WW II Marines
Richard Mike Campbell  WW II  Marines
Albert Campbell Jr WW II Marines
*Nicholas R Carnes Middle East Army
Mike Casebolt Vietnam Army
Archie A Cella WW I Army
Francis Centner WW II Navy
Kenneth R Cevenger WW II Air Force
William Chandler Vietnam Army
Kenneth Jr Chase WW II AIr Force
Ronny Claybern Vietnam Army
Kenneth Clevenger Korea Air Force
Steve Clifford II Middle East Army
Leonard Collins WW II Army
Julian D Conley Korea Marines
Craig Cornett Korea Army
Charlie Crail WW I Army
William S Crozier WW I Army
James Culp  Vietnam Army
Thomas Cundiff WW II Army
Mike Daugherty WW I Army
Robert Daughetee WW II Army
James F Davis Korea Army
Melvin Davis Vietnam Marines
Don Davis WW II Army
Julius Davis WW II Army
Richard E Davis WW II Army
Charlie Dean Vietnam Army
Floyd Dean WW II Air Force
Roger Deiters Vietnam Army
Leroy H Delaney WW I Army
Richard P DeRonde Korea Air Force
Brian DeWitt Spanish American Army
Tom Dilts Sr. Korea Navy
Charles Doane WW II  Army
Frank H Donnermeyer WW II  Army
Jack Dorna WW II Army
Michael R Dougherty Vietnam Army
David Dowers Middle East  Army
Jerry A Downard Vietnam Air Force
Andrew R Doyen WW I Navy
*Louis J Doyen WW II Navy
Donald Druck Vietnam Army
Vernon Duncan Korea Navy
James Duty WW I Army
Raymond Duty WW I Army
Homer C Duty WW II Army
Howard Eastabrook WW II Army
*Arnold W Eberhardt WW II Navy
Herbie Eddy Vietnam Army
Theodore H Emmerich WW I Army
Joseph F Emmerling WW I Army
Morris D Ervin WW I Army
Anthony J Eschenbach  WW I Army
Edward W Evans WW II Army
Thomas Fahlbush Vietnam Air Force
Richard “Skin” Fahlbush WW II Army
*Lawrence Farmer WW I Army
Tracy Ferguson Middle East Air Force
Dennis Ferguson Vietnam Air Force
Dennis Ferguson Vietnam Army
Skip Ferguson Vietnam Army
Tom  Ferguson Vietnam Army
Russell D Ferguson WW I Army
Robert H Fiedler WW II Navy
H J Fightmaster WW II Army
Oscar Fillager WW I Army
Christopher Fischer Middle East Army
Jamie L Fitapatrick WW I Army
Laeey W Fleming Vietnam Navy
*Rex T Ford WW II Army
Robert L Forte WW II Navy
Ray Foster MIddle East Army
Danny Fowee Vietnam Army
Willian H H Fowler  WW I Army
Junius Fox WW II Army
William B Freeman WW II Air Force
William B Freeman Jr. Vietnam Army
Dennis Fry WW II Air Force
Raymond A Fry WW II Air Force
Wayne Fryman Vietnam Army
James W Fryman WW II Air Force
Manville Fryman WW II Army
Albert L Gahr WW I Army
George M  Gall Korea Army
Frank Gard WW I Army
Max Gerbert WW I Army
Russell Gibbons Vietnam Army
George Jr Gibbons  WW II Army
George Hoot Gibson WW II Army
Walter J Glass  WW I Army
Walter  Glover WW I Navy
George E Goerner WW I Army
Otto  Goerner WW I Army
Louis Goerner WW II Marines
Louis A Goerner WW II Marines
*Otto Jr. Goerner WW II Marines
Charles Gonding WW I Army
George E Graham WW II Air Force
Arthur F Grason WW I Army
*Lee R Gray WW II Marines
Richard Green Vietnam Army
Robert L Griess WW II Army
Clifford A Grinninger WW I Army
Daniel Groh WW II Army
Jacob Groh WW II Navy
Louis A Groh WW II Army
Raymond  Groh WW II Navy
William A Groh WW II Army
Paul A. Gubser WW I Army
Richard W Gunning WW II Marines
Donald R Haley Korea AIr Force
Robert Hallmeyer WW II Navy
Dr. Daniel C Handley WW I Army
Robert W  Harding WW I Army
Thomas Harding WW I Army
William Harmon Vietnam Army
Byron K Harris WW II Army
Charles P  Hartman  WW II  Navy
Clarence W Harvey ww i Navy
Herbert Jr. Hauger  WW II Army
Samuel Hayes WW I Army
Richard L Hebel WW I Army
Arthur Hebel WW II  Navy
*James Hedger WW II  Army
Jeffrey Hedgespath Middle East Navy
Otto Heeg WW II Army
Jerry Heidebrink Korea Marines
Roman J Heis WW I Army
Martin Held WW I Navy
William L Held WW II Army
Bruce Henneberg WW II Army
James Hennessey WW II Army
Robert C Herbst Korea Army
David L Herfel Korea Army
Harrison Hermes  WW I Army
Harvey W Herms  WW II Army
Joseph C Herms  WW II Army
Robert Herms  WW II Army
Thomas Herms  WW II Army
Phillip Higgins Vietnam Navy
*Micky Highlander Vietnam Army
William Hildebrandt WW II Navy
William N Hill II Middle East Navy
Harry Hinds Korea Air Force
David L Hiser Middle East Navy
William Hoebbel Korea Army
Owen Hoffman WW II Navy
George B Hoffstedder WW II Air Force
Tim Hoffstedder WW II Marines
John Kent Holloway Middle East Marines
Dorothy  Huddleston WW II Army
Robert L Hudson WW II Air Force
Newton E Humphrey WW I Army
James L Hundemer WW II Army
Roy Hundemer WW II Army
David Ilg Vietnam Navy
David M Ilg WW II Air Force
Frederick B Ilg WW II Navy
Paul F Ilg WW II Air Force
Joseph Jaber WW I Army
Charlie D Jackson Korea Army
Paul G Jacobs WW II Army
Allen Jamison Vietnam Army
Richard J Jefferson WW II Army
Don Johns WW II Army
Mike Johnson Vietnam Air Force
*David Jones Vietnam Marines
Larry W Jourdan Middle East Air Force
Robert Kaiser WW II Army
Mike Kelsay Vietnam Navy
Herman Kersten WW II Navy
Frank J Ketterer WW II Navy
William Kilmer WW II Army
Edward Klare WW II Army
Robert  Kleem  WW II Army
Kenny Klein Vietnam Army
Greg Klette Middle East Army
Rod Klette MIddle East Army
Kenneth  Klingenberg WW II Army
Ralph Klingenberg WW II Army
Robert Carl Jr Knappes Korea Navy
William Knappes Vietnam Navy
William Jr Knappes WW II Navy
Larry G Knuckles Vietnam Army
Jack Koch WW II Army
Dallas R Kremer WW II Air Force
Jack Krieg WW II Army
Robert Krieg WW II Marines
Edward Kroeger WW II Navy
James Kroger Vietnam Navy
Gene LaFavers Vietnam Air Force
Joseph Lambers WW I Army
Truman G Landberg WW I  Army
Trerry Lane Vietnam Air Force
Leroy F Laue  WW I Army
Daniel Lee Vietnam Army
*Charles Lenz WW II Army
Timothy N Lenz WW II Army
Melvin A Lightfoot WW II Navy
William J Linfert WW II Navy
Thomas N Lixon WW II Air Force
Eugene Long Korea Army
Lawrence Long Korea Navy
Basil Long Vietnam Army
Paul Long Vietnam Army
Raymond Long Vietnam Navy
Donald Long WW II Navy
Stanley Love Vietnam Army
Calcin C Lowery WW II Army
Wayne Mabe Korea Army
John MaGuire WW II Army
Robert P Mansfield WW I Army
*Jack Marriott WW II Army
Clifford F Marz WW II Army
Charles Mastin  WW I Army
Douglas Mastruserio Middle East Marines
Anthony T Mastruserio WW II Navy
Joseph C Mastruserio WW II Army
Fred Matre WW II Army
James Matthews WW II Army
*Howard M Mauser WW II Army
Curtis Mays Vietnam Army
Eric McBride Middle East Navy
Thomas H McDaniel Vietnam Army
Robert McDonough WW I Army
Robert McDowell WW II Army
John McGuire WW II Army
Vernon McIntyre Vietnam Air Force
Raymond L McIntyre Vietnam Army
Harold McLaren WW II Navy
Raymond McLaren WW II Army
Roy McLaren WW II Marines
Walter McLaren WW II Army
William McLaren WW II Navy
William Metcalf WW II Army
Ralph “Sketter” Meyer WW II Navy
Paul H Meyers Vietnam Army
Daniel Miller WW II Army
Harry Miller WW II Army
*Carl B Miller  WW II Army
*James E  Miller  WW II Air Force
John J Milligan WW II Army
James Morrow Vietnam Army
James Mountain WW II Navy
Patrick Murnahan Korea Army
John E Murphy Vietnam Army
Walter A Myer WW II Army
Leonard B Nadicksbernd WW I Army
Charles Neack Vietnam Marines
Leslie Neack WW II Marines
John O Nicholson WW II  Army
Robert O  Nipper  Vietnam Army
Edward Ollberding WW II Army
Raymond  Ostermeyer WW II Navy
Frederick W Overman WW I Army
James A Parker Vietnam Army
William Parker WW II Army
Dusty Parks Vietnam Army
Jeff Perkins Vietnam Navy
David Phillips WW II Army
Roy F Pille Korea Air Force
Roy F Pille Vietnam Air Force
Roy F Pille WW II  Air Force
Clayton G Plieman WW II Air Force
Russell Prather Vietnam Army
Lawrence F Prizer WW I Army
Lawrence F Prizer WW I Army
Robert Puckett III MIddle East Army
Roy Pyle  WW II Army
William Radmer Vietnam Marines
Tom Rath Middle East Air force
Camillus Rechtin WW II Air Force
Joseph Reckers WW II Army
Charles Reeves WW II Army
George E Reuther WW I Army
Joel F Rhein WW II Army
Robert Rhein WW II Army
Sexton  Richard Vietnam Army
Charles Richardson Korea Navy
Howard Richardson Korea Army
Samuel Richardson Korea Army
Steve P Richter Vietnam Army
Harold Ries WW II Army
Frank J Rifkin WW II Army
Edward Rogg WW II Merchant Marines
Rickey E Roli Vietnam Air Force
Joseph Rump Vietnam Air Force
Frederick M Ryan Korea Army
Elmer Schafer WW II Army
Louis S Scharringhausen Vietnam Air Force
Louis T Scharringhausen WW II Army
James Schaub Korea Army
Richard S Schaub Middle East Marines
Richard C Schaub WW II Coast Guard
Edward Scheele WW II Marines
Paul  Scheele WW II Marines
Leo G Schneider WW II Army
Ronald C Schuh WW II Army
Derik Scott Middle East Army
William Scott Vietnam Army
John Seifert WW II Army
Vernon Senger WW II Navy
Richard Sexton Vietnam Army
Richard J Shanahan Spanish American Army
David Shelton Vietnam Army
Virginia Houchen Siebel WW II Army
Arthur J Siereveld WW II Army
Jerry Silvey Vietnam Army
Allen Simmons Vietnam Army
Michael  Singleton Middle East Army
William J Slayline WW II Army
Charles W  Slimmer WW I Army
Harry Jr Smith WW II Army
Ruppert Smith WW II Army
Shane Snyder  Middle East Marines
James D Spalding WW II Air Force
Amos Jr Sparks Korea Army
*Eugene Spencer Vietnam Army
George Staubach WW II Army
Robert Steffen WW I Army
*William Stehlin WW II Army
Arthur F Stitt Korea Army
Edgar F Stitt Korea Army
Robert Stone  WW II Army
Earl J Straub Korea Army
Ben Stull WW II Navy
Stanley Stull WW II Air Force
Charles R Sutton WW II Army
Edward V Tallon Vietnam Army
Ross D Taylor WW I Army
Ronald Thacker  Vietnam Army
A J Thiel WW I Army
William G  Thompson Korea Army
Jerry Thompson Vietnam Army
Larry R Tichenor WW I Army
Frank J Tichenor WW II Army
Carlisle Tieman WW I Army
Robert Tieman WW II Army
Oscar Truesdell WW II Navy
Zora Trumbo Vietnam Marines
Carl Turner Vietnam Army
James W Vaughn Vietnam Navy
Harry Verkamp WW I Army
William A Vice WW II  Army
William A Vice II  Vietnam Army
Earl V Visse WW II Navy
Charles R Vogt WW II Army
*Walter Vogt WW II Army
Albert Voll WW II Army
Thomas H Vossmeyer Korea Marines
Arthur Wagner WW II Navy
Clifford Wagner WW II Navy
George C Wagner WW II Air Force
Jay B Walton  Vietnam Army
Butch Walz Vietnam Navy
Jack Walz Vietnam Army
Jim Watson Vietnam Air Force
Jack Weaver ww ii Army
Harry E Weitkamp WW II Army
Robert Weitkamp WW II Army
Charles Welch WW II Army
Derik Wells Middle East Army
Derik Wells MIddle East Army
Gordon Welsch WW II Army
George Wesley WW I Army
Kenneth  Westerman WW II Marines
Paul Whitaker Vietnam Army
Allen White WW II Navy
Edward Wickemeyer WW II Air Force
Frederick E Wilburn Vietnam Marines
Samuel Wilburn Vietnam Marines
Michael R Willis Vietnam Army
Howard F Wing WW II Air Force
Jerry L Wing WW II Air Force
Leo H Winterman  WW I Army
Donald Witt WW II Merchant Marines
Charles E Woods WW II Navy
Larry W Workman II Middle East Marines
Frank Wrobleski Vietnam Army
*Donald Yester WW II Marines
Robert H Yunker WW I Army
Daniel  Zeph Vietnam Army

New Additions and Corrections

Pat N Landrum Korea Navy
Floyd Newman WW II ARMY
Vernon McIntyre Vietnam Air  Force
Thomas Fahlbusch Vietnam Air  Force
Richard “Skin” Fahlbusch WW II Army
Doug  Spencer Korea Army
Frederick S Wolf WW II Army
Chip Ackerson Vietnam  Army
Joseph  Mastruserio Middle East Marines
William Burns Vietnam Air Force
Anthony T Mastruserio WW II Navy
Walter Ackerson WW II Navy
Melvin A Ackerson WW II Korea Navy
Melvin A Ackerson WW II Korea Navy

Charles Neack WW II Marines
Leslie Neack Vietnam Marines