Dayton High School Wall of Distinction

Pending any Changes from the Governor

Due to the Pandemic we have had to postpone the induction ceremonies. No new date has been established as yet. We will notify all interested parties as soon as we can function in a somewhat normal manner.

Price for the luncheon will be $18, Please make reservation by sending names of those attending and a check for $18/per person To Dayton School Board 200 Clay Street Dayton, Ky 41074 ATT: Lisa Hans. Since we are unable to hold assemblies at School the inductees will be given time to address the group. The Dayton High School News team will video the activities and interview the inductees for broadcasting to the Student Body at School.

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Below are the Nominees Dayton High School Wall of Distinction
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2018 Class of Inductees Naomi Dew Melia Class of 1955, Ron Gunning Class of 1949, Gail Myers Class of 1969, Wife William Riley Class of 1960 Buddy Dittus Class of 1965, Dr. Kevin Miller Class of 1969, Dr. Kenny Moore Class of 1961, Dr. Kathy McCormick Class of 1989, Dr. James Boothe Class of 1953, not Represented Dr. Linss Class of 1937

2019 Class of Inductees Col. Roy Pille Class of 1932, Stan Steidel Class of 1959, Jim Rev. William Dew Class of 1953, Dr. Marilyn Fox Class of 1965, Victor Brown Class of 1965, Col. Tom Rath Class of 1969

2020 Class of Inductees Allan White Class of 1942 , George Neack Class of 1947, Less Murray Class of 1953, Denny Eggleston Class of 1959, Melvin Davis Class of 1964, Gary Kirby Class of 1965, Steve Siereveld Class of 1965, Charles Walton Class of 1965

Jesse Tannerhill Class of 1891/92

Edward H Ahrens Class of 1938

Robert DeMoss Class of 1944

Richard L. Schmalz Class of 1953 Salutatorian

John Haigis Class of 1959

Tom Steidel

Charles Edward Brown Class of 1962

Annette Cottingham Holtzleiter Class of 1963

Russell Gibbons Class of 1965

Thomas E Cayton Class of 1966

Linda Moore Class of 1966

Cheryl Myers Class of 1967

James Parker Class of 1967

Debbie Reynolds Doyen Class of 1971

Michelle Stross Carr Class of 1976

Julie Doyen Cline Class of 1990